7 Benefits

all the sofas online are fully removable. entirely : structure, seats and backs. 

this option allows you to maintain and renew the sofa as needed. very few manufacturers offer this option. the reason is simple: it is an extremely complex system that requires a high level of expertise in design, manufacturing, and operations. edb has more than two decades of expertise in the manufacture of sofas. it is our strength and know-how that makes all the difference. we offer this option on concave, convex, curved and linear shapes which requires great precision and thorough design work. 

with the removable covers, edb has above all the desire to make the sofas last as long as possible.

in addition to the cover systems, edb offers a piece by piece replacement service.

this service may seem like a natural fit, but it’s an option that is quite rare in the industry. because edb makes its own sofas, our production team is able to repair or replace worn parts over time. from pet damage to water damage… we can replace* a cushion, or a seat, or a broken leg during a move.

edb customers are never left on their own. in many cases, it’s all or nothing. it is rarely or never possible to change a single piece. you have to buy a whole new sofa or nothing. the edb model is similar to a car dealership with the option to repair or replace parts as needed and over time. ultimately, the goal of this edb initiative is to find ways to keep the sofa as long as possible.

*with a replacement fee

for edb, it is important to produce a product that generates a sustainable system for the future of our children and our planet. here are some of the initiatives that edb has implemented. our environmental efforts.

1Use of recycled fabrics
2Use of OEKO-TEX 100 certified fabrics
3SFC certified wood structures
4Recovery of fabric scraps for more than 2 years and collaboration with fabric recovery companies
5In-house recycling of all recyclable materials
6Renewable cover
7Renewable cushions
8Renewable sofa parts

edb offers a wide selection of fabrics. more than 10 fabrics on all its sofas. from neutral tones and textures to bright colors. enough to personalize your sofa.

fabric samples can be ordered online to validate color and texture.

for special design projects, a wider range of fabrics may be available, additional charges may apply. contact us for more information.

design is at the heart of edb’s raison d’être. to make the useful desirable. through original shapes and volumes, atypical cuts and unusual proportions.

rethinking the function of the sofa and its relationship with our lifestyles by capturing the creative trends of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

edb strives to select durable, robust and good quality materials in the production of its products. at edb we do not talk about luxury but rather about quality. our goal is to offer the most value for the price.

1Solid wood frame
2High density foam with good memory
3Resistant fabrics with good level of abrasion
4Seat cushions covered with a protective cover
5Complexe system of covers
6We sell our products directly this avoids additional markups and keeps competitive prices

edb is a montreal-based company with its head office in ville st-laurent. all products are designed in montreal by local quebec designers.

the ideas, design and marketing are entirely local. production is done in canada for some products and around the world (china, taiwan, vietnam, indonesia, india…).

the country of production is always indicated online on the page of each product.