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Study of a real life situation #1.

Years: 5

Who: Carl, owner of two dynamic and active cats.

Case: Maritme 2-seater sofa torn apart by his cats.

Dilema: To throw the sofa away or to get a new cover.

Fortunately, this is an edb sofa with removable covers. All was required was a new set of covers and 30 minutes to revive the sofa and give the Maritime 2-seater a new life span. Avoiding premature obsolescence and waste. An economic and ecological benefit.

All of this is only possible thanks to the edb slipcover systems. An edb advantage. Designed with longevity and renewability in mind.

Study of a real situation #2.

Years: 2 Who: Virginia, owner of a curious dog.

Case: Sectional Dive RAF scratched and soiled by her dog on the base and cushions.

Dilemma: Throw away the sofa or get a new cover.